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Accreditation Consulting Group (ACG)
experienced consultants assist your organization with affordable CARF Accreditation preparation


Our consultants are all current CARF surveyors and have at least 10 years experience as a surveyor. We will work with you to provide cost effective assistance based on your CARF preparation needs. Each organization is unique, and our consultants work with you to create the right plan to prepare your organization for CARF Accreditation.


ACG offers a wide range of services to enhance your organization’s ability to provide quality services. Members of our group will work with you to not only meet your accreditation requirements, but also consult with you on streamlining service requirements in cost effective time proven methods. We will provide you with examples of policies, reports and other documents so that your organization is in conformance with CARF standards and operating at its best. Because of the experience of each of the consultants we assist you in preparing for your CARF accreditation no matter if it is a first one or if it is in preparation for a re-accreditation. The services that we can offer includes helping you to develop policies, procedures, and plans. We can also consult with you by doing a mock (pre-CARF) survey which can help you determine your readiness for your CARF survey. We also offer consulting that helps you to determine if you have met all the new standards that have occurred during the period between your surveys. The work we do helps to ingrain the standards into the day-to-day operations of your organization. Remember CARF does not do an audit, they do a survey and a consultant from the Accreditation Consulting Group can help you be ready for the CARF survey without the stress of last-minute preparation.

Costs vary depending on the requirements of your organization and the intensity of your preparation. ACG consultants are very affordable and set their prices based on a variety of factors such as organizational size, travel, scope of services and the complexity of the organization. Upon contacting ACG, we will enquire about your consulting needs, the size of your organization and your experience with accreditation. With that information, we will contact you to give you an idea of which services we may provide and the approximate cost of services. We will have a choice of which consult has the best background to help you. Depending on your needs, we may provide a mock CARF survey, a review of your readiness for accreditation and sample documents that will help you prepare. Many times we are asked the cost of consulting. Two major factors that are considerations regarding the cost of consulting are how ready a particular organization is for a CARF survey and how adept an organization is at taking examples of reports, plans, policies, etc. and implementing them for their operations. The number of hours of consultation needed for preparation of a CARF survey can range dramatically from just a few hours to 50 hours or more. It entirely depends upon the organization.

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  • Consultation

    ACG consultants have well over a hundred combined years of experience. Let us provide you with the expert advice to enable your organization excel. We will inspire you by giving you ideas of how to do various business and programtic operations.
  • Advice

    We will provide you with expert recommendations and suggestions on how you might improve your operations and services. Having review hundreds of organizations, our consultants are knowledgeable about your business and the services you provide.
  • Support

    Our consultants will help promote you interests so that your organization is in a strong positions. A solid foundation is the basis for success. That begins with leadership and providing all persons with direction. We will help you improve your organization.
  • Assistance

    We will provide your organization with examples of policies, plans and reports that are required. Our consultants are also available when you have a CARF survey to help answer difficult questions.

Recommendation Phobia

There’s a condition suffered by many CARF accredited organizations and well known to those of us who help those organizations get accredited – CARF Recommendation Phobia. It can strike even the most seasoned organization. The symptoms include:

  • An allergic-like responses to a CARF surveyor using the word “Recommendation” during a survey, typically followed by near endless arguing with the surveyor.
  • Comparing recommendations with other organizations (i.e., “how many did you guys get?”).
  • Contracts with surveyors that specify the maximum number of recommendations they can receive.

Succession Planning

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Succession planning in the context of global recruitment and retention challenges across health and human services is difficult, to say the least. According to Mercer’s study, the United States alone will need to hire 2.3 million new healthcare workers by 2025 to keep up with the population. Unfortunately, CARF’s succession planning standards don’t make things any easier. So let’s walk it through and arrive at a common sense approach.