Value of Becoming CARF Accredited

There are many reasons why your organization may want to become CARF accredited.  The unique on-balanced approach that CARF takes provides feedback on the both your strengths and areas that need to be improved on.  Typical licensing and regulatory reviews focus entirely on enforcing regulations whereby only the perceived areas to be improved upon are pointed out.  CARF takes a nonprescriptive approach; there are many varied ways that the standards can be met.  Furthermore, the surveyors will take a consultative approach as they apply the standards during a survey.  As areas to improve are discovered, the surveyors will give your organization ideas on how you may address such areas. 

Improved Administrative/Business Management

The CARF standards stress certain business or administrative operations.  By meeting the standards, it will strengthen the ability of your organization to support the services being provided, as well as ensuring the stability of your operations.   

Best Practices

As the surveyors conduct the survey, each will apply a consultive approach.  The surveyors will share some of their experiences of best practices in meeting the standards that they have observed from other surveys.  Most surveyors are experienced in seeing many different methods to meet the CARF standards.  


As stated above, CARF utilizes an on-balanced approach pointing out both strengths and weakness of your organization.  By providing feedback on the things your organization does well, it gives valuable affirmation which is rarely given from outside sources.  This is unusual as many regulatory bodies only focus on the negative parts of operations.  Such “inspections” or “audits” tend to be negative and sometimes demeaning.  However, CARF strives to be more helpful and point out the strengths of each organization.  Hard work is recognized.  

Stamp of Approval

Upon becoming CARF accredited, your organization will have a stamp of approval.  Accreditation is useful for marketing, coordinating with funding sources and lets the general public know of the legitimacy of your organization.  It means an organization has achieved a high level of competency in  providing services to persons served.