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Carol has 32 years of experience doing CARF surveys. Her work experience includes working with persons with developmental disabilities, persons who experienced Traumatic brain injury, and severe orthopedic injuries. Carol also has knowledge and experience with special populations to include Autism and Dementia. Carol had worked within the foster care system, designed behavioral health program for those with co-occurring diagnosis, early intervention, employment services, and aging service.

In addition, to the areas Carol has a vast knowledge of emergency response for general and catastrophic emergencies. She is FEMA trained and has done FEMA training for first responders in the area of Special Need Populations. Carol has background and expertise in Home and Community based programs for those with disabilities and those who are aged. Carol also has experience in the area of case management. In total Carol has worked more than fifty years in the industry. Her Masters Degree is in the areas of Therapeutic Recreation and Community (non-profit) development.