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Deb originally earned a degree in Elementary Education and has continued her education over the years earning additional certificates.  She has 38+ years of experience in the medical industry managing both psychiatric and medical surgical hospitals, physicians’ private practice, and substance use disorder facilities.

She spent many years working for hospital corporations that purchased failing facilities and through reorganization and training of staff, turned these locations into well managed facilities that could fully sustain their operations in both the profit and not for profit sectors. 

Deb began working with Substance Use Disorder facilities 20+ years ago as an accreditation specialist to obtain and maintain accreditation for the facilities within her charge.  She has both reorganized facilities and assisted in licensing and opening new facilities in several states.

She assisted in establishing the Tennessee Providers Group “TPOD” serving as their president for the first 2 years.  In November 2013 the “TPOD” was accepted as a member of the America Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependance “AATOD” and Deb served for 3 years as the Tennessee Board Delegate.

Deb is a Certified CARF Surveyor and has traveled throughout the United States for 15+ years completing accreditation surveys for organizations seeking accreditation to ensure a high standard of care for all patients enrolled in Medication Assisted Treatment and Behavioral Health Facilities.  All of the facilities have received 3-year accreditations.

She has been committed to the underserved populations suffering from substance use disorder and alcoholism.  She believes in Medicated Assisted Treatment and planting seeds of recovery and hope with all patients served.  Second chances are a cornerstone of her recovery beliefs and has seen many patients’ recover and thrive over the years.

In addition, she owns her own company DJE Enterprises, LLC assisting facilities with their accreditation needs and has worked with the National Advocates for Pregnant Women “NAPW” now called Pregnancy Justice to ensure fair treatment for pregnant women seeking treatment for substance abuse.

Deb is deeply spiritual, comes from a service/military family and is married to her husband Ed, a retired police officer and firefighter.  Deb is blessed with a loving husband, 2 sons, 2 stepsons, 1 stepdaughter, 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  She is also a pet lover with 2 German Shorthair Pointers and 5 cats who have adopted her over the years.

Life is good!