Jim Willis

Contact Information

Fields of Expertise

  • Behavioral Health
  • Child & Youth Services
  • Employment & community services

Services Provided

  • Appeals consultation
  • CARF Prep
  • Leadership Training
  • Strategic planning


Jim Willis retired in 1987 from US NAVY after serving honorably for 22 years. Prior to discharge, he facilitated aftercare program management course instructing military junior officers, senior enlisted persons and Department of Defense civilian personnel in theory and skills management for aftercare.


He has a Master of Science degree from East Carolina University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor both in Virginia and North Carolina as well as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist in North Carolina. Jim is an active CARF Program Surveyor for behavioral health and employment community services programs with over 20 years of experience. He has over 30 years in the field of behavioral health treatment specializing in addictions, mental health, psychosocial rehabilitation, and integrated AOD/MH.


 Jim has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor, East Carolina University, Department of Rehabilitation Studies, President of Substance Abuse Certification Alliance of Virginia (SACAVA), court appointed expert witness for substance abuse treatment in Southampton County Virginia Courts and Qualified Substance Abuse Professional for Alcohol and Drug Testing within U.S. DOT Regulations.


He specializes in substance abuse/mental health treatment for various types of core treatment modalities. With extensive experience in program design and implementation, Jim has successfully coordinated CARF accreditation within his organizations and organizations that have consulted with him. As a clinical trainer for substance abuse and mental health professionals, Jim exhibits a capability to develop members for team concepts while highlighting individual strengths.