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Accreditation Consulting Group Services

CARF Services

Comprehensive Accreditation Preparation

Our consultants will assist you in preparing for your accreditation survey.  This may involve a site visit, mock survey, sharing of examples of methods to meet standards or simply telephone consulting.  Read More

Mock CARF Surveys

Many organizations find a value in going through a mock survey a few months before the actual survey.  It prepares staff members in the types of questions that might be asked and gives the leadership a clear idea of the organization’s readiness for the survey.  The consultants will then work with the organization to remediate any identified areas of concern.  Note, mock surveys require site visits on the part of consultants.

Application Preparation

There are many divisions of CARF, each with specific services that are covered in that manual or division.  Knowing which services ought to be accredited and the number of surveyors and surveyor days can greatly influence the overall cost of being accredited.  Our consultants will work with you and CARF to ensure your application is accurate.

Accreditation Renewal Consultation

Accreditation standards change each year.  Consultation can assist organizations in ensuring they are prepared for their renewal accreditation so that the survey will go smoothly.Appeals Consultation

Sometimes an organization does achieve the desired outcome of an accreditation survey.  Our consultants can assist your organization in the appeal process and preparation for being re-surveyed.  In many cases, such appeals can be successful if the organization understands the process and makes changes to previously cited areas.

Training on CARF Survey Process

Staff turnover is an issue with most organizations.  New staff members and even new leadership may not understand the CARF process.  Training on the overview of the process will assist staff members on being prepared for the types of questions they might be asked by the surveyors and it helps with overall accreditation preparedness.  It is helpful to understand both the expectation on the part of the organization, but also the expectation of the surveyor and the approach to the accreditation survey.

Day of Survey Consultation

In some cases, organizations are unsure of what is being asked of them or misunderstandings arise during the accreditation survey.  There are many ways to meet the CARF standards.  In some cases, the standards are open to interpretation.  Our consultants will be available the day of your survey to assist you with any such issues, should they arise.

Strategic Planning Consultation

Creating a process that will lead to consensus on strategic planning is critical part of its success.  Sometimes, having an independent person lead the strategic planning discussion leads to a more open and accurate dialogue as to the strength, weaknesses, and opportunities and threats that face an organization.  Most of our consultants have lead such discussions and provided such leadership for their former organization.  Read More

Interim Executive Replacement

Occasionally, an executive director or chief executive officer is incapacitating for a period of time or there is an unexpected change in leadership.  ACG can provide the organization with an interim executive replacement and assist the organization with it search for a new executive directors.  If one of our consultants is not available for such duties, we will assist in finding the right person to fill in.  Read More

Expert Witness Testimony

Many of our consultants have acted as an expert witness when an issue is being litigated.  We are familiar with the legal system and testifying in both court and during a depositions. Because our consultants have been to many organizations and understand the standards of care, we can provide valuable insight to the issue which is being litigated.  Read More

Board Development

Having a strong board which supports an organization is perhaps one of the most valuable resources an organization can have.  Our consultants can assist in finding persons with the expertise the is desired expertise.  We can also assist organization in helping to optimizing the support a board can provide.  Occasionally, there is conflict within a board.  Our consultants are skilled at conflict resolution and can help work through such situations.