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Hiring a New Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer

Sooner or later, all organizations will hire a hew Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer. In fact, CARF requires that a succession plan be in place for such changes. 

The new Executive Director or Chief Executive Office may come from within the organization in the form of a promotions. When this occurs, it generally requires that the new executive understand new boundaries with employees, some of whom may be his/her friends.  Our consultants can help with is adjustment and understanding top level executive roles.

In other cases, a new Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer may be hired from outside of an organization and be new, not only to the organization, but also to the geographic area where the organization is located. In these cases, time is needed to understand the working environment or culture of an organization. Negotiations may be necessary to match the style of the new executive with the expectations and desires of the rest of the employees. Our consultants are skilled at understanding such situations and helping to facilitate a health working environment. 

Lastly, it is common for a person who newly acquires a top-level position to feel isolated and as if carrying the world on his/her shoulders. Many of our consultants have walked in those very shoes. Having a sound board and putting things in proper perspective can be helpful. Plus, our consultants are skilled at strategies to avoid burnout and discouragement. Positive reinforcement and considering various approaches to particular issues can be very beneficial.