Accreditation Consulting Group Services

Help with Organizational Leadership Changes

There are times when there are unplanned changes in the Executive Director/CEO of an organization.  Other times, changes are required for the board of directors.  Below are some of the services the Accreditation Consulting Group (ACG) can provide to address such needs when there is a change in leadership.

Interim Executive Director/CEO:

When there are circumstances when there is a short-term need to have a person’s fill in for the executive position (chief executive officer or executive director) of an organization, an ACG consultant can help find the persons to meet that need.  In rare cases, it could even be a consultant himself/herself.  The interim executive will be a person who is knowledgeable about your services and can effective lead your employees until such time as a permanent executive is hired. 

Executive Director/CEO Search:

When there is a planned change in the executive position of an organization, board wants to find the right person.  An ACG consultant can be invaluable in how to conduct the search for the new leadership position.  Also, the consultant can help you know what questions to ask and help with background checks.  It is the consultant’s goal to ensure you find the right persons to lead your organization. 

Board Development:

Effective boards support both the organization, as well as the executive.  The board should have skills necessary to provide oversight, direction and professional advice to an organization.  Lastly, the board should create an atmosphere in which ideas, reports and discussions can take place in a constructive manner that benefits the organization.  Sometimes a board needs some direction and training in order to accomplish these tasks.  In some cases, this can be accomplished in a board retreat.  In other cases, it may need to be on-going training.  ACG consultants can help your board work smarter, not harder and realize the vision you have for the future of your organization.