Accreditation Consulting Group Services

Strategic Planning

All of the Accreditation Consulting Group’s (ACG’s) consultants have worked for accredited organizations and been involved with their organization’s strategic planning activities.  Furthermore, all the ACG consultants have reviewed many other organizations strategic plan and how the plan was developed.  ACG’s consultants can help you devise a strategic plan that sets reasonable expectations, is measurable and positions your organization for the future.  Community-based services are rapidly changing to meet the ever evolving needs of funding sources.  Let one our consultant’s help you devise a strategic plan that works for your organization! 


A good strategic plan starts with a vision for your organization’s future.  Understanding what the future may hold for your operations and how you might take advantage of opportunities is critical for the success of your strategic plan.  ACG’s consultants are experts at helping you understand what your vision is and how you might realize it.


Many organizations find that a whole day or half day retreat is helpful for developing a strategic plan.  An ACG consultant can lead such a retreat to get at the essence of what you want to accomplish with your plan.  Many times, the process will lead to new directions and provide insight to persistent issues.  Frequently, having a third disinterested party involved leading a retreat is helpful and healthy for a group which is familiar with one another.

SWOT approach:

An excellent method to analyze an organization’s current position is the do a SWOT analysis.  This analysis will identify your organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Many organizations that undertake doing their own SWOT analysis may arrive at false strengths or weakness.  By asking the right questions, an ACG consultant can gain insight for an accurate analysis and build consensus on strategic planning thus making the plan more pertinent to your organization’s vision for the future.  Most of our consultants have lead such discussions and provided leadership to their former organizations.  

Methods to Evaluate a Strategic Plan:

In order to realize the goals in a strategic plan, there should be measurable goals.  The ACG consultants are effective in helping to frame what an organization wants to accomplish in their strategic plan and put it in measurable terms.